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a long overdue update…

Posted in Infertility, Parenthood on 4 May, 2017 by juniper76

So, it has been a long time.  I guess an update wouldn’t go astray?

On the TTC front, there’s no good news.  I stopped ovulating about 3 years ago, which makes TTC all but impossible without medical assistance (for which we no longer have the money or drive).  I spent a bit of time on the pill to skip periods to manage my endo pain, but had to stop after having a couple of migraines (or risk having a stroke).  Add in that I am now 40, and TTC is pretty much over unless we get an opportunity to try donor embryos.  I have been working hard on accepting our family of 3 will not be growing any further.  I’m very grateful that we were fortunate enough to receive one miracle out of the 10 years we spent TTC…  I know others are not so fortunate.

Speaking of our miracle, she is now 6yo and in her second year of school!  The first day felt like it arrived waaaay too fast, but she has adjusted better than I expected (feared?) and it’s amazing to watch her learn and grow as a person.

We try to not spoil her, but, after all we have been through, it’s hard to not dote on her. She is growing up so fast; this time is so fleeting…