well, that’s a surprise!!



You won’t believe this…

I don’t believe it…

13dpo 3 Dec Progression

Seriously, I just don’t believe it…  So much so, that at 10dpo I was drinking wine while making Christmas cakes and puddings with family and friends…

Putting this into context, in my last post I mentioned we had a 1-5% chance of a BFP.  We haven’t done an IUI since June, so we’re more down at the 1% end of that range…  one-frickin’-percent…

Of course, it’s early days and anything could happen…  But, for now, it’s starting well…

Yesterday’s beta (12dpo) result was:

hcg: 29
P4: 53 (16.7 in US units)

Second beta is scheduled for Friday (16dpo)…

All prayers for a healthy bub are gratefully accepted!


2 Responses to “well, that’s a surprise!!”

  1. Early congrats and sending prayers your way!! I know you are not posting much these days but I get emails alerting of your posts and always read them. Enjoy your surprise, early Xmas present!

  2. OMG!!! YAY!!

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