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results of chromosomal testing…

Posted in Infertility, Pregnancy on 21 February, 2012 by juniper76

It has already been 6 weeks.  It felt like an eternity and flashed past in the blink of an eye.  A whole lot of nothing was done and a lot happened.

I spent the first month really struggling with depression, and the inevitable insomnia that brings for me.  I’m still battling the insomnia, but the worst of the depression has passed.  I feel more normal again, just tired… really, really tired…

I had my thyroid tested and the results were mostly normal, aside from slightly elevated anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies.  I had a sample taken to biopsy a possible skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) and am still waiting for those results.

But today was the day I had been desperate to reach, but dreading at the same time.

Today was the day we saw the OB for our 6-week post-d&c appointment to find out the test results.

The chromosomal testing showed she had both Turner Syndrome (monosomy X) and Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18, mosaic).  Pretty much, she had very little chance of surviving.

I guess it counts as good news.  It was just shit-bad-luck.  My body hadn’t failed to support her, something had just gone wrong right at the beginning.  Two somethings, I guess.

I don’t really know what it means yet and you just know I’m going to have a lengthy consultation with Dr Google over the coming days, but at least we have AN answer.


*update, 22 February 2012*

Yes, it is a BCC skin cancer.  Thankfully, a superficial one.