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since I’m a numbers person…

Posted in Pregnancy on 25 November, 2011 by juniper76

… I asked for a beta.

I was either 15 or 16dpo (I’d love to hear opinions on that; now that I’ve manipulated the chart it would be 16dpo) and the numbers were:

  • hCG = 210 IU/L
  • P4 = 68 nmol/L  (21 ng/mL for my US friends)

I’d love a second beta to check the doubling time, but my GP is unlikely to acquiesce to that request, so I’ll do my best to stay hopeful until our dating scan in 2.5 weeks.


brace yourself: bumpy ride ahead…

Posted in Infertility, Parenthood, Pregnancy on 22 November, 2011 by juniper76

Where to begin….?

After what felt like an eternity TTC#1, and with my 35th birthday this year, we wasted no time starting TTC#2.  My first PPAF turned up the week Amber reached 5 months of age and, even though we had agreed to wait until 9 months to start TTC, I was hoping from the beginning.

By the time the 3rd PPAF arrived, I decided to invest in a new BBT thermometer and some OPKs.  I had never used OPKs before, so that was a new experience for me.  In 3 cycles, I never got a +OPK.  I did get some dark lines, just not as dark as the control.  But the temps confirmed O, so I didn’t worry too much about it at first.  After a while though, I started to wonder if I was getting a “weak” O.

The BBTs were more telling though.  I had assumed, since my cycles were much the same length as pre-pg (30 days instead of 32), that everything was back to normal even though I was still breastfeeding.  The BBTs said otherwise.  It seems that short LPs are common when breastfeeding, and, once again, I found myself in new territory.  From the first cycle I charted, I’ve had a nice 14 day LP (except when altered by medicated cycles).  Suddenly, I found myself with a 10 day LP.

This also meant that, even though my cycles were similar in length to pre-pg, I was O’ing later than normal too.  Hmm, seems our timing may not have been too good those first couple of cycles…  >.<

Which brings me to this cycle.  After waiting what-felt-like an eternity, I finally O’d on CD22.  That’s the latest I’ve ever O’d in a cycle (except after a failed IVF).  I was starting to think it would be my first annovulatory cycle (since I started charting BBTs in 2007), but the temps eventually rose….

…then at 7dpo they started to drop.  By 10dpo, I was expecting AF any moment.  My temps were back down to pre-O temps.  I figured we were done….

…then at 11dpo my BBT was back up.  I figured my body was playing silly buggers.  I tested anyway on an IC – BFN…

…then at 12dpo it was up again.  I tested again…



There was a faint line on the IC.  The line on the FRER came up within 45 seconds and was unmistakable!

Today is 14dpo, 4w0d, and the conception indicator on today’s digi said 2-3 weeks.

We saw the GP today and talked him into sending me for a dating scan (because of the late O vs LMP variations in due date).  Hopefully we can get an appointment around 7wks and hopefully we will see a heartbeat.  What a long wait this is going to be!

I forgot how nerve-wracking the first 20 weeks can be…