no, I haven’t forgotten about you…

Where does the time go?

How on earth have I reached 35 weeks pregnant with nothing more serious than some swollen feet?

I’ve been meaning to write for weeks, but first there was the insanely busy last two months of work, then there was Christmas and then there was the post-Christmas recovery…

And, suddenly, here we are – the last few hours of 2010.

So much has happened since my last post, so I’ll be brief.

The new flooring is great!  I still think it sounds a bit funny to walk on (laminate, not real timber), but it looks good and is easy to clean.  We have only recently started moving everything back to the rooms they came from, so we’re yet to reclaim the lounge room, but it’ll happen eventually…

Our new patio is almost finished.  The concrete slab was laid on schedule and then the roof started going up just as the rain started.  Fortunately they were able to finish the next week, but the final step (decorative concrete floor) hasn’t been done because of the rain.  It has been raining for weeks!  I don’t remember a summer this wet!  But, at least the area is usable and we plan to have our baby shower there in about a week.

I had my last day of work just before Christmas.  I’ve been on annual leave during the company’s Christmas shut-down, but I officially start parental leave on Tuesday!  I still have a few things to do (copying files from the work laptop to the server), but there’s no pressure or deadlines to meet, so I’ll get to it when I get to it…

Christmas has been and gone for another year.  I hope you all were able to spend an enjoyable time with family and friends!  Bub received some gifts which are now in the nursery awaiting her arrival.  Whilst the last few Christmases have filled me with dread (last-minute shopping and the pressure to buy gifts for the sake of buying gifts), I am looking forward to the possibilities that next Christmas has to offer.

Which brings us to now – 2.5 hours of 2010 remaining…  I hope 2011 brings all of you many joys, countless positive experiences and much wisdom.  Happy New Year!

I’ll finish for now with something I haven’t posted here before – a belly shot.  This one is from Wednesday (35w0d):


4 Responses to “no, I haven’t forgotten about you…”

  1. you look beautiful Jen! Next year is going to be amazing for you and your little family!
    Happy New Year!!!!

  2. So happy that things are going so well for you!! Your baby belly is adorble!! Happy New Year! I know it will be for you!! (-:

  3. Hi Jen, I haven’t left a comment or spied on you for quite a while! LOL Too distracted with my own pregnancy which announced itself a few weeks after yours! (naturally, but also after 3 yttc) Isn’t it just the most wonderful year to be! We look fantastic, we have the greatest February ever ahead and the government is going to pay us to stay home and enjoy it!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you, your family and you beautiful baby girl xx

  4. Oh Jen, it is so lovely to see you with a beautiful baby belly – enjoy the last few weeks, and remember what she feels like moving inside – I miss my pregnant belly and those feelings – but absolutely LOVE having my girls with me! Enjoy xx

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