silence is golden…

…but not so much in a blog…

Sorry for the absenteeism.  I knew it had been a while between posts, but I was shocked to see it has been almost a month.  Where does the time go?

Work has been crazy busy (big report due Monday and about 3 weeks worth of work still to do) and things have been a little chaotic at home too (4 rooms almost empty in preparation for new flooring to be installed on Monday).  Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them.

We had our repeat anatomy scan last week.  As with the first scan, she did her best to hide her face.  Then, just as the sonographer was about to give up, she finally gave us a look and even gave the sonographer the profile shot that was needed.  The OB even managed to get a nice 3D image of her face right at the end too!

But the good news is that everything looks fine.  Her estimated weight is almost 1kg now and most of her measurements were quite average.  I’m not sure if I should be glad or worried that her head circumference is below average?

Here’s a few pictures.  Since the scanner is currently disconnected (as part of the flooring preparations), I had to just photograph the printed copies, so apologies for the quality.


4 Responses to “silence is golden…”

  1. What a gorgeous little face! You must be getting so excited Jen! – How has the pregnancy been for you? I hope you are enjoying the last parts of it now. When are you due?

    • Thanks Lis. Everything has been going quite smoothly. Today is the 6 month mark, so two-thirds of the way there. Due date is 2 Feb 2011.

      I’m looking forward to your 30 recipes in 30 days! :)

  2. Heidi Lean Says:

    Oh Jen, Absoutly Gorgeous……
    6 months where has the time gone, Austin is 17 weeks tomorrow, It only seems like yesterday I had a tiny little bubba – oh i miss him that small. You must be getting rather excited now, have you started to set up the nursery or you starting once the floors are done?
    We should catch up for a cuppa one weekend, i wanna see your bubba belly :) OMG I am soo clucky again already. lol.
    Take care and talk to you soon
    Cheers Heidi

  3. Wow Jen, what gorgeous pics of your little girl. I envy you! We were never able to get 3D pics of the girls, they were never in the right position! But now they are here, I get to see their cute little faces every day! 6 months – it won’t be long before you will be meeting her and then the fun begins! My girls are 11 months old today, I can’t believe how much they have grown, and I have no idea where the time has gone either! Enjoy these last few months……life as you know it will never be the same again – it will be just the BEST thing in the world to be a mummy! Can’t wait to see some belly pics! Di xx

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