when is an update not an update?

When there’s nothing new to tell you…

We didn’t end up seeing the OB last week.   She was at the hospital delivering a baby, so we only saw the midwife.

The midwife was unconcerned by my weight loss, but made a note for the OB.  Hopefully we’ll find out what the OB thinks next time?

On the plus (?) side, I actually gained a couple of kilos in the last week.  I have to admit it was mostly sugar-fueled, but it was reassuring to know that there is still order in the universe!  I’ve reverted to my low-sugar ways and will just see what happens over the next few weeks…

Other than that, I’m definitely growing.  I wonder if I’ll ever achieve that classic pregnant belly shape or if I’ll stay forever B-shaped?  Either way, my work shirts are starting to feel some strain and it may be time to invest in a few one size up.  I looked at some maternity wear last weekend, but I swear they’re not designed for big-busted women!  Seriously, how ludicrous is that, given how much growth goes on in the breast region during pregnancy???  The only maternity shirts that could accommodate my breasts (F cup) were the ones shaped like a normal t-shirt (ie no shape at all!).  Why would I pay $80 for that when I can buy a t-shirt without the “maternity” tag for $10?

I think I’ll see if I can find someone who does (reasonably-priced) made-to-measure maternity wear…


3 Responses to “when is an update not an update?”

  1. Hey Jen,
    Everything sounds like its going well.
    There are 2 places in Brendale that specialise in maternity wear. I never went into them but have been told there not to bad and they also specialise in larger sizes.
    It used to shit me that everywehre I looked at maternity clothes they went for a 10 – 18…. what the hell… were all not bean poles when were pregnant. I was lucky I got away with only investing in 2 shirts for work and fitted all my normal clothes still.
    Good luck if you need the numbers or names let me know I will get them for you.
    Cheers, love to catch up again before bub arrives.
    Heidi & Austin

  2. OMG- I’m just catching up on all your news – I’m so so so happy for you. SOrry to be missing for so long – I had some crazy complications, but now am doing ok and am pregnant too! I’m 20 weks this week, so we’re close. I’m actually having twins, one is a boy and the other was uncooperative at the 18 week scan too – they couldn’t even see if it’s a boy or girl! I hope you’re doing well and I’m glad to come back to blogging to hear such great news!

  3. Jen, I’m in the same boat as you on the Ta Tas… I’ve had good luck w/ anything w/ a V neckline, or a cross over top in XL at the Motherhood stores (do they have those there?). Button-ups? Forget it :).

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