OMG!  20 weeks!

Somehow, since being able to call her “she” rather than “it”, it’s all starting to feel real.

I’m so in love with our baby girl!

And in return, she’s kicking the crap out of my insides!  (This accusation is based solely on the visual evidence presented at the scans – I’ve not felt much of anything yet.)

Our next OB appointment is tomorrow.  I’m starting to worry about my weight again, so I intend to ask her about that.  I’m not going hungry, but I’m still losing weight (now down 14kg from my pre-pregnancy weight – I wish I could lose weight like this when I’m not pregnant!!).  The reason I’m worried is because she was measuring less ahead at last week’s scan (1 day ahead) than she was at the one before (3 days ahead).   I just want to make sure she’s okay.  I’m hoping it’s just how the measurements were done or something similar and not a sign of any problems.  Anyway, I want to hear what the OB has to say about it…


One Response to “halfway!!!”

  1. I have a friend who was 15kg lighter at the END of her pregnancy that when she was at the start because of hymeremesis. Her Ob wasn’t worried.

    Bubby takes what she needs and YOU are the one who suffers hun, hehe, they are clever little buggers!

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