and the verdict is…

…that bub is uncooperative!!  After constantly reminding myself we may not get to find out, the only part of the anatomy scan that bub was cooperative for was the gender determination!

We were thrilled to see that we’re having a little GIRL!!!

The rest of the scan was somewhat inconclusive.  She was her typical difficult self and was constantly rolling over or covering up whatever the sonographer wanted to measure.

She was especially troublesome with her face.  She stubbornly had her back to us for a long time, even after I’d gotten up and walked around a couple of times.  Then when she finally turned over she put both her hands in front of her face!  And kept them there!

Since she was so uncooperative, we’ve been told to go back for a repeat scan in 6 weeks.  The OB at the u/s clinic said that they couldn’t see any problems during this scan, but wanted to do the repeat to make sure there wasn’t something she was hiding.  So we go back again in 6 weeks and then have our first ante-natal class at the hospital the same night (just enough time in between to have some dinner somewhere).


7 Responses to “and the verdict is…”

  1. Awwww congratulations on your baby girl! I’ll bet you guys can’t wait to meet her, especially considering you can’t seem to get a good look at her while she’s in there. Can’t wait to hear how she is going in 6 weeks :) XXX

  2. Wendy from FF's Baby Bound group Says:

    Congrats on your little princess!!! Girls are the BEST :)

    • Thanks Wendy! My goodness, it has been a very long time! How is everything going for you? If you’re still on FF, please send me a PM and let me know. :)

      • Wendy from FF's Baby Bound group Says:

        Everything is great, thank you!!! We have a little girl, Kenley, and she’s 17 months now. The hubby and I are getting ready soon to try for number 2 hopefully in a few months. So that means that I’ll be back on Fertility Friend again :) I will definitely look you up so we can keep in touch!! So happy for you, sweetie! And glad to hear that your little one (even though uncooperative at times during the ultrasounds :) is so active and bubbly! Better catch up on your sleep now! ha ha! Can’t wait to hear more about her in the upcoming months ahead. Take care!!

  3. So pleased you are having a little girl – girls are just THE BEST EVER!!!! I love reading your blog, you are soooo funny! Don’t worry, both my two were uncooperative at their scans too – and having twins, they always took twice as long! We would never have been able to find out what sex they were (not that we wanted to anyway) as they were never showing their bits!!! Modesty huh?
    Hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy this pregnancy – seems like you have had a pretty rough trot. Tirdeness, mmmmmm don’t think you will EVER feel totally rested EVER again! My little Jacinta started at 5am this morning and cried for 2 hours straight – then Saskia woke at 6:30am. I am always in a permanent state of tiredness, but somehow you manage to function (well in asort of a fashion!).
    So names huh? At least you only have one sex now to decide on a name. You must be so excited!
    Regarding the doppler – I actually hired one for a month in the early stages so I could find the HBs for myself and be assured all was ok. After the month, I could feel bubbas moving so didn;t need it anymore – was lovley to hear and like you could listen to it all day!
    Very exciting.
    Look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you.

  4. Well there you go! I have always wondered what your blog name meant – I never went to the beginning to find out! So now I know and what a beautiful name too! So thrilled your dream is coming true – it is sooooo worth the wait! Good luck tomorrow!

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