even more waiting…

The waiting never ends, does it?

I seem to spend my entire life in a holding pattern waiting for the next event.  Maybe I should do something to change that?  I have no idea what though?

Anyway, back-tracking a little, that pesky cold eased up after a week, but then the last effects of it lingered around for a few weeks.  I think at some point it switched to a normal pregnancy-related nasal irritation because it’s still around, but the transition was blurred so that I don’t know where one ended and the other started.

Mostly things are good now.  I keep the heartburn under control most days (yesterday was a bad one, but today has been good).  Mostly what I’m dealing with now is fatigue.  It hit me pretty hard the week before I went to Sydney.  We had our second OB appointment on the Friday of that week and the midwife recommended starting an iron supplement.  I started that the following day, but, to be honest, I’m still exhausted.  I don’t know what a normal dose of iron is, but the supplement I’m taking only had 5mg in it.  There’s another 10mg in my prenatal multivitamin, so I’m getting 15mg all up.  I think this will be my next google project…

The rest of the appointment went well.  The midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat on the doppler, so she ended up doing a scan (our 5th so far, which sounds like a lot to me), which showed bub was “swimming upside down and presenting its bum to her” (as she seemed to like to say… repeatedly).  Once she knew where to look she found the heartbeat very quickly, so we got to hear it for the first time.  I could have listened to it all day!

The following week (last week) I was in Sydney for a work conference.  I stayed with my sister while I was down there and, for most of my visit, both she and her husband were home from work, sick with the flu.  Fortunately, I appear to have survived that week unscathed and uninfected!  Not sure if I was lucky or if my immune system is doing better than I give it credit for?  Probably lucky…

So, this week back at work, and it’s week 3 of Super Fatigue.  I think I may be permanently cranky now.  I really don’t envy the people who have to work with me.  It hasn’t helped that it has been a frustrating week of delays and distractions.

The insomnia last night didn’t help either…  I’m hoping for some better sleep tonight.

So, where does that bring us?  Ah, yes, to more waiting…

Tuesday is our anatomy scan.  Bub (the creator of so much cramping, nausea and heartburn) will be 18w6d and, knowing him/her, s/he will be characteristically uncooperative.  I really won’t be surprised if s/he does everything in his/her power to protect his/her modesty.  But hopefully by the end of Tuesday I can stop typing “him/her”, “his/her” and “s/he” and just use one pronoun.


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