must be Ekka time again…

How do I know?  I have cold.

I actually did quite well this winter.  Last year I was sick pretty much the entire 3 months.  This year, this is the first I’ve been sick.

Of course, this year I can’t take anything for it…  Stupid cold.  :(

It’s been a bit over a week now.  Last Monday was by far the worst of it and it has been slowly improving…  Hopefully it’ll clear completely before my trip to Sydney (in 12 days).

Wednesday is the Ekka public holiday (Brisbane only), so at least this is a short week.  And Thursday is my anniversary of employment for my current job.  It will be 8 years since I started with them.

The best part is that I get 10 days of sick leave on Thursday, for the year ahead!  Since I ran out of this year’s sick leave in January and have been taking lots of unpaid sick leave since (including 4 days last week), that’s something to look forward to!


2 Responses to “must be Ekka time again…”

  1. Get some vitamin C into you!! I got a cold when I was 10 weeks pregnant and it helped and I never got another cold or illness the rest of my pregnancy!!

    Sue x

  2. hey jen,
    I got a cold to when preg and i swear by pineapple juice and lots of it.
    Sounds strange but seems to work…… Hope you feel better soon :)

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