caught on tape!

Well, DVD, to be precise…

We had our NT scan on Tuesday.  Sorry for not posting details earlier, but we got home late and then yesterday I was sick and suddenly it’s 6pm Thursday and I’m wondering where the last two days went?

Hmmm, what do you want to know first?  ;)

Bub was squirming like a champion!  Whenever the sonographer tried to line up a shot, s/he would roll over.  At one point, I’m sure s/he did a somersault!  In fact, the sonographer had so much trouble that she ended up fetching a more senior sonographer to help, so bub was getting double the attention!

All up, we were probably in that room watching bub for around an hour, maybe even a bit longer, and we paid the extra $20 to get a DVD of the scan.

The results of the scan were great!  Our adjusted risk for Downs Syndrome was calculated to be 1:6630 and our risks for Trisomy 18 and 13 were 1:16835 and 1:52631, respectively.

They didn’t actually print out many photos for us, so I’m glad we got the DVD.  But here’s a couple of good ones:


3 Responses to “caught on tape!”

  1. sooo happy for you!

  2. Such a special time xxx

  3. cute already hehehe – must be amazing to see bubs finally … I assume it would feel very real to you now. Hope the MS is calming down now. Take care of yourself :))))

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