I asked for this, right?

Most long-term TTC-ers will jokingly say, “bring on the morning sickness”.  I was one of them.

I’ve changed my mind.

This week has been the worst so far.  I had constant, but manageable queasiness from just before 4 weeks until 8 weeks.  At 8 weeks the queasiness disappeared, but I started feeling sick (which still doesn’t entirely make sense to me).  That “sick” feeling has gotten stronger and this week has been very trying, particularly at work where I just have to hope no-one will notice.  So far the only one to walk past at an inopportune time was my boss, who knows about the pregnancy, so I’ve been lucky.

But, at least it has all been worth it so far.  We had our second scan yesterday and there was our bub, heart beating, arms and legs flailing.  I was amazed at how much s/he had grown in just 3 weeks!  We could even see the umbilical cord; that detail in particular really surprised me.

I’ve lost 10kg now, thanks to the morning sickness.  When I mentioned it to my FS, his response was “good”.  In two weeks we see our OB for the first time.  Let’s hope she feels the same way.

I’m told our OB always does a scan at the first appointment, so hopefully we’ll finally get a picture to take home!  DH has sneakily started organising an outing with our friends for that weekend so that we can (hopefully) surprise them with our first photo.


4 Responses to “I asked for this, right?”

  1. So exciting.

    As for the sickness…… make sure you have a waste paper bin handy – many times I was sick in that at work when I couldn’t make it to the bathroom – once I was even on the phone!!

    S X

  2. Hey Girl!

    I think you and I have the exact same due dates!! I’ve been having some night sickness. No throwing up…but just queasiness.

    Good luck!!

  3. Hi! Sorry to be gone for so long. I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick – but I’m so excited for your ultrasound pictures to come!

  4. Hey Jen
    Just wanted to send you a quick message to say I hope you are going well and not feeling too awful. Been thinking of you!!

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