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caught on tape!

Posted in Pregnancy on 29 July, 2010 by juniper76

Well, DVD, to be precise…

We had our NT scan on Tuesday.  Sorry for not posting details earlier, but we got home late and then yesterday I was sick and suddenly it’s 6pm Thursday and I’m wondering where the last two days went?

Hmmm, what do you want to know first?  ;)

Bub was squirming like a champion!  Whenever the sonographer tried to line up a shot, s/he would roll over.  At one point, I’m sure s/he did a somersault!  In fact, the sonographer had so much trouble that she ended up fetching a more senior sonographer to help, so bub was getting double the attention!

All up, we were probably in that room watching bub for around an hour, maybe even a bit longer, and we paid the extra $20 to get a DVD of the scan.

The results of the scan were great!  Our adjusted risk for Downs Syndrome was calculated to be 1:6630 and our risks for Trisomy 18 and 13 were 1:16835 and 1:52631, respectively.

They didn’t actually print out many photos for us, so I’m glad we got the DVD.  But here’s a couple of good ones:


12 weeks and counting…

Posted in Pregnancy on 25 July, 2010 by juniper76

We had our first appointment with the obstetrician on Friday!  It took a lot longer than I expected…

We arrived a little early to fill out the paperwork that’s always involved in a first visit.  And then we waited…

There were quite a few people waiting when we arrived.  Well, not that many really, but the waiting area isn’t that big, so it felt quite full.

Eventually, we were the last ones left waiting.  And still we waited…

About an hour after we arrived (40 mins after our appointment time), we finally got to see the midwife who works with our OB.  She ran us through all the formalities – took a history, measured my weight and blood pressure, gave us an information folder to bring home and talked through things like food safety, exercise, etc.

Then we went back to the waiting area to wait a bit more…

When we finally saw the OB, I was very glad that she didn’t rush us through.  She took the time to go through things and was overall quite calming, so I think she’ll be good for my typical frantically nervous state.

She did a scan, as predicted.  Berry is now big enough to pick up with an abdominal scan, even with her not-so-flash machine.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to get an ultrasound without having to take my pants off!  I could even keep my shoes on!

Berry is now measuring 2 days ahead and the OB said that, since we are very certain about the dates for the IVF, she thinks he/she will be tall.  The heart rate was 159 bpm, but we didn’t get to hear it.  We finally got a couple of pictures to bring home, but, to be honest, they’re tiny and indistinct and it’s hard to see anything.  While she was doing the scan, we could see bub kicking and moving around.  I was just floored by the kicking – it was amazing to see those little legs stretch out and then tuck back up!  I can’t wait until I can feel it!!

For now, we see the OB every 4 weeks and the midwife said they will only do scans regularly if there’s a problem.  Otherwise, it will just depend on where we’re up to and how busy they are on the day.

But fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for our next scan.  Our NT scan is booked for Tuesday.  That’s only 2 days away now.  The OB said the place we’re going to will do a 3D/4D scan and that we’ll get a DVD, so I can’t wait!

Since we should be getting such great pictures in just a couple of days, I figure you won’t mind waiting for those, instead of me scanning in the teeny-tiny ones we’ve got now?

I asked for this, right?

Posted in Pregnancy on 9 July, 2010 by juniper76

Most long-term TTC-ers will jokingly say, “bring on the morning sickness”.  I was one of them.

I’ve changed my mind.

This week has been the worst so far.  I had constant, but manageable queasiness from just before 4 weeks until 8 weeks.  At 8 weeks the queasiness disappeared, but I started feeling sick (which still doesn’t entirely make sense to me).  That “sick” feeling has gotten stronger and this week has been very trying, particularly at work where I just have to hope no-one will notice.  So far the only one to walk past at an inopportune time was my boss, who knows about the pregnancy, so I’ve been lucky.

But, at least it has all been worth it so far.  We had our second scan yesterday and there was our bub, heart beating, arms and legs flailing.  I was amazed at how much s/he had grown in just 3 weeks!  We could even see the umbilical cord; that detail in particular really surprised me.

I’ve lost 10kg now, thanks to the morning sickness.  When I mentioned it to my FS, his response was “good”.  In two weeks we see our OB for the first time.  Let’s hope she feels the same way.

I’m told our OB always does a scan at the first appointment, so hopefully we’ll finally get a picture to take home!  DH has sneakily started organising an outing with our friends for that weekend so that we can (hopefully) surprise them with our first photo.