early days…

Yesterday morning we had our first scan.  We had the first appointment of the day (8.00 am) and I was worried about arriving late (like I had for both betas), so we ended up arriving 30 mins early.  When we arrived our FS still had a waiting room full of patients waiting for their daily monitoring (done between 6.30 am – 8.00 am).  When I say full, I mean standing room only.  So DH & I went next door to the clinic’s waiting area instead and watched tv for half an hour.

When we went back at our scheduled time, the room was still packed and there were even people waiting outside the door in the corridor.

About half an hour later the room had cleared enough for me to get a seat.

Another 15 mins and our FS was finally ready to see us.

And it was straight down to business.  I don’t think I even managed to sit down before being directed to go into the next room for the u/s.

At first DH was doing his normal “I’ll just wait in this room here rather than watch someone stick something up there” routine, but once we were set up he did join us.

After having a quick look at my ovaries, we got down to business and he located one little blob in my uterus, measuring exactly on time (7w2d).  Towards one end of that blob, there was a pinpoint of light flickering away – the heartbeat.

No photo; no measurement of the heart rate; and yet we couldn’t be happier.


7 Responses to “early days…”

  1. Christine Says:

    Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat! What an amazing milestone. :)

  2. Beautiful xx

  3. What a great milestone! Houston, we have a heartbeat!! (-: Congratulations!

  4. Awesome Jen – sooo excited for you XXXX

  5. Such a wonderful moment! Congrats

  6. What a special moment that will be imbeded in your memory forever! Congrats, fantastic news – in fact the best news I have heard in a while! Enjoy the morning sickness – it is worth every little bit!

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