three questions…

I’ve been sitting here pondering…

  1. Did I really want morning sickness?  Nausea is reassuring, but it’s meant to go away when I lie down.
  2. Will anyone notice if I put my chair back and have a nap at my desk?
  3. How about if I crawl under my desk?

Yep, the big questions facing our society.  Just over 3 hours of work left today… but how much work will I get done?  I guess that’s question number 4…

ps. In my defense, I have already sent off two reports this morning, so I have been productive.  Well, two versions of the same report, but there were edits done between the two versions!


One Response to “three questions…”

  1. LOL, the morning sickness doesn’t go away when you lie down…… nor if you vomit. It’s like having a 25 week (for me) hangover. Yup, I had full on sickness for 25 weeks. Then it went away….. but cruelly came back at 32 weeks.
    Don’t believe anyone when they tell you it goes away at 12 weeks!

    It’s reassuring though, and every time I had my head in the bowl I’d smile to myself knowing exactly what it was that was making me sick.
    And it’s sooooo totally worth it.

    I think that crawling UNDER your desk should be fine! ;o)

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