more waiting…

Just when I thought maybe my last 2ww (for #1) was behind me, I’m faced with another.  Our first scan is scheduled for 2 weeks after last Friday’s beta.  So, I’m 3 days into another 2ww and this one is going slower than I could ever have imagined!  I’m sure some evil genius somewhere has built a machine to stop time.  How is it only Monday?!

On the plus side, I feel like things are progressing.  I’ve had nausea, fatigue and sore/heavy breasts for over a week now.  But late last week the nausea started getting stronger and today has been the strongest yet.   I feel like it’s trying to get a running start for the official benchmark for the onset of morning sickness – 6 weeks.  I’m rapidly reaching a point where I can’t brush my teeth without gagging (and sometimes vomiting) and this morning I couldn’t face breakfast.  I’m also still coughing from whatever sinus issue I’ve got going on and that too is approaching a dangerous point of tipping over into something more… regurgitative… in nature.

Funny how all of that is a plus side, isn’t it?

But I have learned today that I love plain crackers right now and I am craving salt.

Oh, and I’ve also learned I’m not going to get any work done in the next 11 days…  Oops…


3 Responses to “more waiting…”

  1. Congratulations for a wonderful blessing that comes into your life. hope you will have a very healthy pregnancy.

  2. yeah for nausea!!!!!!!!!! (-:

  3. Sorry to be missing for awhille – so happy to catch up with you and read this BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Hope your scan goes great!

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