a week later…

Sorry for the super quick post right now.  I have to leave for a meeting in about 15 mins and haven’t finished reading the material.

We had our repeat beta this morning and the numbers are:

  • hCG: 3,622
  • P4: 461

Our doctor wanted to see the hCG increase by 10 times and we exceeded that!

We’re booked in for our first scan in 2 weeks.  I just can’t wait!


4 Responses to “a week later…”

  1. OMG Jen, I have tears in my eyes, goose bumps and a huge smile on my face!!!!! I am sooo sooo happy for you both… Expecially when you were feeling so down and over it early on with everything that was happening…
    Can’t wait to catch up for coffee again :)
    Take care hun

  2. Bloody terrific numbers mate, well done. I can’t believe they made you wait a week though – killer!! xx

    I can’t wait to hear all about your pregnancy journey.

    Sue x

  3. yes!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!

  4. Julie Byth Says:

    Yay Jen!!

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