5, 4, 2… what will the next number be?

I’m sorry it’s been a while.  To be honest I’ve been feeling so completely overwhelmed lately that I have been in shutdown mode.  Minimal communication, maximum avoidance…

So far we’ve cleaned two rooms properly (including disinfecting all surfaces).  We’re sleeping on the futon sofa bed mattress on the floor of the rumpus because our bedroom still hasn’t been properly cleaned and I can’t bring myself to sleep on our bed that they bled on anyway.  We went shopping for a new mattress this week and were quoted $2,850 for a mattress + overlay + mattress protector.  I’m still dumbfounded by that number!  The mattress we’re replacing cost $700 only four years ago.

Anyway, onto the main event…  Just over a week ago I had my ER for this IVF.  We retrieved 5 eggs, which our FS decided he wanted to fertilise with ICSI this time.  4 of the eggs were mature and fertilised successfully.  Two days later we did a 2dt of 2 embryos.  The other 2 had failed to divide.  The two embryos transferred were a 2-cell grade 2 and 4-cell grade 2-.  At our clinic grade 3 is the best quality and these embryos were considered to be of somewhat mediocre quality.  Our FS openly expressed his disappointment that we didn’t get a grade 3 embryo to transfer, which was the cue for any remaining confidence I may have had in this cycle to depart.  To be honest, when we were leaving the clinic I wanted to cancel my acupuncture appointment, throw away the luteal support meds and just give up.  It all seemed like a lot of effort for something that was never going to work.

So, today we are 6 days past transfer and I have diligently done 3 progesterone pessaries each day, afternoon and night.  Tonight I have also done my 3rd and last hcg booster shot, so no more injections now, just 3 pessaries/day until the beta.

I never asked when the beta is.  In the past I’ve been told 15 days after transfer.  I’m not sure if it will be that day though because that is a Saturday.  And not just any Saturday either.  Saturday 29 May 2010 was the EDD for our m/c.  How’s that for timing?


One Response to “5, 4, 2… what will the next number be?”

  1. Glad to read your post – I pray that the Beta results will bring you so much happiness!

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