happy birthday to me…

Yep, today’s my birthday.  Want to know what my special surprise present was?

We were burgled yesterday.  :(  Jewellery, watches, game consoles, whatever they could carry.  They tried to take the TVs but couldn’t fit them through the window and couldn’t open a door (thumbs up for key locked deadbolts!).

It’s all just stuff.  At this stage (18 hours after coming home to find it), I don’t even particularly care that they took my engagement ring.  My sister is more upset over that than I am.  It’ll be replaced.  It’s just stuff.

What does upset me is this fear of leaving the house.  What if they come back?  They know what else we’ve got.  They know they can get in.  Worse yet, what if they come back while we’re home and sleeping?

(Un?)Fortunately, sleep wasn’t an option last night.  Not both of us at the same time anyway.  We were instructed by the police last night not to touch anything until scene of crime had been there.  We have four mattresses in this house and there was no way to sleep on any of them without potentially contaminating evidence (ie moving things that the thieves had touched or contaminating blood samples).  So, DH & I took turns “sleeping” on the lounge.  I’ll call it sleeping, but that’s probably overstating it…

Scene of crime turned up this morning.  He apologised for calling at 6.30am.  Yeah, like that’s a problem.  He had been and gone by 7.30am.  The verdict was that they wore gloves, so we just have to hope that their DNA is in the police database.

Now we’re just waiting on the glazier to fix the window and then we can start the big clean up properly.  Ah, they’ve just arrived.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we had our first scan yesterday for the IVF.  There were 8 follicles at 12-14mm and our FS estimates ER will be on Wednesday.  Thankfully the thieves did not tamper with my Synarel or Gonal-f.  Well, hopefully.  I’ve used both and don’t seem to have had any adverse affects so far.  Now to convince myself to be able to leave the house when the weekend’s over…


One Response to “happy birthday to me…”

  1. sparklythings Says:

    oh my gosh! i saw that you were needing a window fixed but had no idea it was for such a terrible reason!!

    i have been robbed twice in my life – i was home both times.

    the violation of your home, your life, is much worse than any loss of property. it does cause fear to seep in where it wasn’t before.

    when we bought our new house, before we did anything else, we had a great alarm system installed.

    what a relief that thieves don’t know how much your meds are worth!!

    lock up tight and try to rest.


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