here’s hoping 5 is our lucky number…

Times like this, I start wondering if I should just change my name to Queen of Procrastination?  Yep, somehow a week has flown past and it has (thus far) done so unremarked…  Let’s rectify that.  ;)

Where did I leave off last time?  Right, AF…

Last week I had the AF from hell.  I really should ask our FS about it on Friday if I get a chance.  The pain was awful and it lasted longer than normal (both the pain and AF).  But, now that it’s just about over, it’s time to focus on the month ahead.

My new FS did make me wait an extra day for my suppression check.  They count CD1 as the first day you wake up bleeding.  If only I’d slept in until 2pm on Tuesday?  So, bright and (disgustingly) early on Saturday morning, we dragged ourselves into the city not too much after our 6.45am target.  As expected, the FS wasn’t there, only one of the nurses.  It was only then that I learned I would be using Gonal-f this cycle.  Since I hadn’t used it before, the nurse talked me through doing the first shot right there in the office before I’d even had the blood drawn for the suppression check.  In the past I’ve always had to wait until they’ve got the blood test results and then start stims the following day, so this nicely cancelled out having to wait an extra day for the suppression check!

Since starting the stims I’ve been feeling strange.  I’m still depressed about the whole #5 thing, but at the same time I’m excited to have started.  And it’s not like I’m going back and forth between these feelings, I’m feeling them both at the same time.  It’s totally bizarre!

Anyway, we go in for our first scan on Friday (day 7 of stims), so for now I’m praying that I have some top quality eggs developing…

At first I was hoping for a lot of eggs, but, after considering our past performance, I’ve decided that’s the wrong thing to hope for.  In the past, whenever we’ve had more than 3 embryos, we’ve had problems with quality:

  1. IVF#1: 3 embryos -> 1 transferred, 2 frozen
  2. IVF#2: 4 embryos -> 2 transferred, 2 discarded
  3. IVF#3: 3 embryos -> 2 transferred, 1 frozen
  4. IVF#4: 6 embryos -> 4 severely fragmented, 2 arrested at day 3

So, with this in mind, I’m praying for quality not quantity.  If I happen to get both, then I’ll be a very happy woman!


3 Responses to “here’s hoping 5 is our lucky number…”

  1. I HOPE HOPE HOPE #5 is the time for you!!!! Sending you tons of good thoughts!

  2. quality is much more important than quantity!!

    i hope that #5 is the last one you need to do…until its time for a sib!!


  3. I really hope that 5 is your lucky #!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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