can there ever be too much chocolate?

If so, then I think the contents of our fridge might qualify.  We were quite good to begin with.  We bought three small packets of small eggs.

Then I ordered some rocky road easter eggs (insert drooling emoticon here).

Then, since the postage costs so much, we also ordered some normal rocky road with the rocky road eggs to make it worth the expense.

Then on Thursday we went to buy some toys for the kids we are seeing this weekend… and somehow left the store with a massive pile of chocolate eggs as well.

Then we were given some eggs as a gift today.

Whenever I open the fridge, what I first notice is that half of the top shelf is taken up by chocolate!  Now, if, say, the other half of the shelf were full of vegetables or something remotely healthy, that might not be so bad.  But instead, the fridge is mostly empty since we haven’t done any regular grocery shopping in a week.

I’d take a photo, but the fridge is in need of a clean (probably a good opportunity for that now all things considered?).  I have, however, finally added an Easter photo to the last post.  Sorry, it took a while to come up with a photo I liked.  There’s not many flat surfaces with good lighting and a presentable background in our house…

Actually, the lighting in this house is pretty awful all round.  Would you believe they put fluorescent lights on the walls (not even the ceilings – the walls!) in the bedrooms?  What were they thinking?!?  One of these days we’ll get someone in to replace all the lights…  Bedrooms, kitchen, everything – it’s all gotta go!!


2 Responses to “can there ever be too much chocolate?”

  1. in answer to you question-NO! There’s never enough! lol! I’d love to see you fridge! Happy Easter!

  2. One of my kitchen dresser drawers is STILL full of easter eggs and other chocolatey treats (possibly even a couple leftover from Christmas!). Hopefully your fridge contains more veggies now though. :P

    P.S. – Found your blog via the BB forum. :)

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