so far, so good…

Well, I’m pleased to report that I have gone almost 3 days without any bleeding!  Yay!!  It seems I just need to complain about something happening for it to stop!  And vice versa – it’s normally when I complain that O is late that my BBT finally jumps up.

But I’ll try to keep the complaining to a minimum for your sake.  Or maybe I should start complaining more about not having a child yet?  Do you think that’s the cure I’m looking for?

So, after an absolutely horrendous day yesterday, I’m really looking forward to this long weekend!  Only 1 hour of work to go.  Yes, that’s right, I’m writing this at work.  They owe me for the stress they caused yesterday.  I’m not going to go into details, but someone pissed me off by refusing to make a phone call and then suggesting I don’t contribute to this office.  The day went from bad to worse and ended with me walking 1/3 of the way home (3km) before my husband finally picked me up.

I was still pretty upset today (ie on the verge of tears), but my mood has gradually improved as the day has gone by.  Surprisingly, the Hot Cross Buns one of our managers brought in helped cheer me up a bit (he said he likes to call them “Cold Happy Buns” which also helped by making me laugh).  He hasn’t been working here long, but he won me over today.


One Response to “so far, so good…”

  1. glad the bleeding stopped AND that your day has improved! enjoy the weekend!

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