confusion reigns supreme…

I’ve had enough of bleeding.  Really.  I’m over it!

After the lap, I bled for 6 days, which fell neatly into the 3-7 days I was told to expect.  Then I had 4 days of thinking it was all over.  4 days, during which I could enjoy a newfound freedom…

Then I started bleeding again.  Since I had cramps to go with it, I thought it was AF.  However, a few things didn’t add up

  1. I wasn’t expecting AF for at least another week.
  2. My BBT was still high, and climbing.
  3. It looked more like blood than AF.

At the time, I just assumed things were out of whack because of the surgery and that next cycle would be more normal.  I even told our new FS that I had my period when we saw him.

So, after 5 days (the normal length of my AF), the bleeding eased up and I thought I could finally get back to normal.  How wrong I was…

The next night the real AF arrived.  Imagine my confusion when I thought she’d been there for almost a week already, only to find out it was an imposter!

So, tomorrow is CD5.  Hopefully.  I really don’t want to start the count again.  I’ve bled 15 out of the last 19 days and I can’t wait for it to stop!  I really hope this doesn’t end up being a long AF…

I’ve got to admit, the last few days, I’ve been feeling the need for a holiday much more keenly than usual.  It’s been over a year since DH & I last went on a holiday together and, after all we’ve been through since then, I want to go somewhere and just enjoy each other’s company for a while.


One Response to “confusion reigns supreme…”

  1. omg- how awful! I’m so sorry. I hope that this bleeding resolves itself and that you’re ok.
    also – if you can, take a vacation! I just took one last month and I’m dying to take another – this IF stuff is so stressful!

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