the verdict…

We had our follow-up appointment today with our FS.  He said my endometriosis is stage III (according to him “significant stage III”, whatever that means) and he is confident that, now that he has removed most of it, he can get us pregnant before the end of the year.  He showed us the pathology report for the 5 pieces of tissue they sent for testing and the two largest pieces were 35mm in size!!

His intention is for us to do another IVF after I’ve given my body some time to heal.  I mentioned the possibility of using our last frozen embryo first.  I’ve been considering that because I really don’t think it’ll make it to transfer and I feel like we’re wasting money paying for the storage but I have to give it a chance.  Assuming we did a natural FET again, we could sneak in some TI so that the cycle wouldn’t be a complete waste if we didn’t get to transfer.

So, we go back in 4 weeks and hopefully by then he’ll have finally reviewed our IVF notes from our old doctor.  You’d think, being just metres down the hall, that he’d have gotten a copy by now…  That gives DH & I 4 weeks to decide what we want to do next.  I want to hear this doctor’s take on our past cycles and his suggestions for the next, but I’d also like a chance to conceive on our own if he thinks that’s possible.

Plus money will be an issue thanks to our illustrious PM reneging on his election promise (to preserve the Medicare Safety Net as it was) and pretty much trebling the out-of-pocket cost, but that’s a rant that can wait for this year’s election to be called.


2 Responses to “the verdict…”

  1. Glad to hear you got some answers, and a bit of a way forward. Best of luck.

  2. So glad you have answers and that he thinks you’ll be PG this year!

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