what now?

Today I’m really upset about where we’re at.  I can’t help but wonder what would be if a doctor had taken my pain seriously earlier in my life.  And I’m so angry that our four IVF cycles were probably doomed to fail from the beginning because our old FS wouldn’t consider the endo angle.  I remember asking him if we should investigate endo at the beginning of our second IVF but at the time he said there was no point as he wouldn’t change our treatment protocol if he found it.  I really hope our new FS has let him know how wrong he was…

So, now I have a week to wait for our follow up appointment with the new FS.  What will he tell us?  Am I correct in thinking we’re dealing with Stage IV?  Is more IVF our only option or do we have a chance at conceiving on our own now that he’s removed what he could?  What does it all mean?

And while we’re at it, what the hell is going on with this cycle?  I know the lap (right around my normal O time) will have screwed it up, but I still wish I knew what was going on…


4 Responses to “what now?”

  1. I hope you get the answers you so deserve at your next appointment!

  2. Hey Juniper, I really know how you feel. I feel exactly the same way. My lap on Wed ended up showing moderate endo (mostly removed). I presented to doctors with all the symptoms of endo in 2000, and was sent off for an ultrasound! I was younger then, and less assertive. Plus I thought you had to be crippled with pain to have endo. Anyway. My FS told me (through a pethidine haze) that we would prob never conceive without IVF, yet IVF has produced increasingly poor outcomes for us. I’m at a real loss, now, too. I really hope your follow-up gives you some clarity on where to from here. All the best.

    • Thanks for letting me know how you went. :)
      I’m sorry to hear that he believes IVF is your only chance. I hope it is successful if you decide to give it another try. I understand the hesitancy to try again; I know it will be hard to psych myself up for IVF#5 if that’s what our doctor recommends.

  3. ((hugs)) I really hope the new fs appt next week goes well. I really hope that finding & taking out the endo will lead to a natural bfp in the coming months

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