Yeah, that’s all I’ve got right now – bleh…

I finally called the hospital on Wednesday.  By the end of it I was ready to tear my hair out!  First we got home a little late, so it was just after 5pm when I phoned.  Then, having connected to the number, I was told all the operators were busy.  About 10 mins later I was put through to someone who seemed to be confused about what I wanted.  When I said the pre-admission booklet said to call, she said, “Okay”, and then transferred me… back to the end of the queue!!

Another 10 mins later and I’m back talking to the same woman.  This time I was prepared though!

Is this the Pre-Admission Centre.

No, this is the switchboard.

Okay, I ended up here before after waiting in the queue and was transferred back to the end of the queue.  Now I’m here again.

Have you been to this hospital before?

No, and so far I’m not impressed. (I was getting cranky by now; I’d been on the phone for almost half an hour.)

Let me see if I can help you.

And off she goes, presumably to find out if she can access the right system or something…

Thankfully she could help, so I gave her all of my details and was told that a member of the clinical staff may or may not call.

Other than that, there’s not much going on.

I had an email from my Mum this afternoon asking what hospital I was going to and whether I wanted her to drive up and wait with me.  I’m guessing Dad told her that my MIL is taking me to the hospital.  Mum always feels insecure about the idea of my MIL replacing her because we get on well and tends to respond by acting like a human wedge.  The thing is, my MIL lives a lot closer (20 mins vs 60 mins) and is less… how do I put this diplomatically?… worried about the cost of petrol.  So, I’ve said I’ve got the hospital trip covered, but if I need help when I’m home afterward I’ll call them.

That’s about as exciting as it gets.  It’s raining (and pouring, but the old man’s not snoring) and after 3pm on Friday afternoon.  I’m ready for the weekend.  Can it start now please?


2 Responses to “bleh…”

  1. I HATE CALLING DRS offices and hospitals – i feel like no one knows anything! hopefully you’ll get the information you need.

    i’ve done nothing all weekend – have you been better- upload any pics???

    • No, I’ve been slack and haven’t downloaded the cameras yet. I’m not even sure where DH put the one he was using…
      I hope your weekend was relaxing. :)

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