queen of procrastination…

Nope, still haven’t downloaded the photos from the cameras.  At this stage it’s not going to happen until the weekend, or possibly after my lap.

I also haven’t called the hospital’s Pre-Admission Centre.  I was supposed to do that a week ago (two weeks before admission), but put it off a couple of days because I was in pain and cranky (thanks to AF).  And then I forgot a couple of times.  And on Monday I didn’t hear my alarm.

But yesterday was the first time that it wasn’t my fault.  We got home later than I expected, but I wasn’t worried because the booklet says the Centre is open from 8am to 7.45pm.  So I sat down with the phone at 6.05pm, feeling quite proud of myself; I’d finally remember with more than 90 minutes to spare!  I dialled, it rang and then I got the message saying their opening hours are until 6pm.  You may have heard the scream from your homes?  Sorry if I woke you up…

Now my husband is suggesting he’ll pick me up from work at 6pm today.  I think my head may explode if I don’t get home in time to call them tonight, so I hope he was joking.


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