live from Sydney…

Day 7 in Sydney and so far so good…

I arrived in Sydney in the middle of a storm, which made getting to my sister’s house a challenge.  She met me at the airport, but there were very few cabs thanks to the flooding.  Here’s a couple of photos, but they’re not good.  I didn’t have the right camera for these shots…

So, it’s been a week of beauty treatments and last minute wedding preparations.  I’ve been waxed, coiffed, exfoliated, tanned and manicured.  That’s more in a week than I normally do in a year!

After today’s manicure we had to walk across town to pick up the hire car for tomorrow.  I took the opportunity to take a few happy snaps, but unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me, so again, not the right camera…  But they seem to have turned out okay.

Centrepoint Tower:

St Mary’s Cathedral:

Tomorrow we head for the Hunter Valley.  And then Sunday is the big day!


2 Responses to “live from Sydney…”

  1. can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  2. So pretty!!! What a beautiful city! Have fun at the wedding! (-:

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