counting down…

Three hours to go.  In three hours I’m supposed to be on a plane, taking off and on my way to Sydney for the last mad week leading up to my sister’s wedding.

Unfortunately, this means that DH and I will be separated by 1,000 km  on Valentine’s Day.  :(

Thankfully, it looks like I may finally have O’d yesterday!  I was starting to think this would be my first annovulatory cycle since I started charting or that it would happen when DH and I were in different states.

I can’t wait for this wedding to be over!  I swear I’ve had to deal with more stress and fuss than for my own wedding!

DH is driving down next weekend to meet me for the wedding and we’re going to drive home together afterwards.  I’ve decided we should take a leisurely 3 days to get home and stop to do some sightseeing along the way.  Thankfully, my manager at work was okay with a last minute extension to my leave to accommodate that plan.  :)

Just counting down until it’s time to go…


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