a new year, a new doctor…

We started seeing our old FS in February 2008.  When we finally saw him in the last week of January to follow up on our disastrous fourth IVF cycle, he confessed he was out of ideas for us and referred us to another FS in the clinic.  The Dr he referred us to is the Clinical Director and chairperson (or similar) for a lot of professional bodies, so I was expecting a long wait to see him.  The new Dr’s office is just down the hall from our old Dr, so we stopped in to make the appointment on the way out.  I couldn’t believe our luck when the receptionist said they’d just had a cancellation and we could see him the following Monday!

So, bright and early on the first day of February, we met our new FS!  If I had to sum up the whole appointment in one word, it would be “confident”.  He was very confident that he could help us.  He also said numerous times through the (not that long) appointment that he believes it is “highly probable” that I have endometriosis, which could explain our IF and even our unsuccessful IVF cycles.

After a quick pelvic exam (isn’t that always fun?), I was booked in for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on the 10th of March to investigate and (if found) remove endometriosis.


3 Responses to “a new year, a new doctor…”

  1. YAY— I love that hopeful, confident feeling!!!

  2. It’s great that he was confident and enthusiastic. I have a pal in Canada who had three years of trying, switched FS’s (to a really cool female), who performed surgical treatment for endometriosis straight away. Three months after surgery she had a Clomid cycle and voila – pregnant, due in April! Would’nt it be bloody fantastic if you had a similar story. By the way, I love all your pictures. And thank you for thinking of me…..it means a lot to me. J

  3. wow – that is really great news! hope meter going up!!


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