there and back again…

No, this isn’t a hobbit’s tale.  My sister’s Hen’s night was on Saturday night, which, for me, meant a quick weekend dash to Sydney!

If we take one quick step back though, I mentioned in my last post that we’d been looking for shoes for me to wear to the wedding.  Well, that Tuesday afternoon shopping expedition was unsuccessful, but I found these on Thursday night:

My bridesmaid dress is “pistachio” in colour, so soft gold was what my sister wanted and I finally found a pair!  I’m told they’ve got a “kitten heel”, but, as someone who just doesn’t wear heels, they’re all I can handle!  Why all the urgency to find the shoes?  I needed the shoes for my trip to Sydney because I had a dress fitting while I was down there…

Anyway, back to the main post…

So, off I go to Sydney!  I started the trip by arriving at the airport early, only to have the flight delayed by an hour!  I’ve hardly ever had that happen, but of course it happens when it’s going to stress me out the most.  Initially our flight was delayed by 15 mins because the plane arrived late from Sydney, but then another flight was cancelled (due to mechanical issues) so they kept us there (on the plane) for another 45 mins while the ferried across passengers, luggage and additional catering.  I understand it, but I still wish it hadn’t happened.

But things improved from there.  This was one of those rare occasions (for me) when the plane approached Sydney airport from the north, so I had this view out of my window just before we landed:

Not bad, heh?

So, after spending Saturday morning sorting out my bridesmaid dress (sorry, no photos! :P ), we had a brief rest before heading out for the Hen’s night!  My sister’s bridesman (yep, “man”, not “maid”) organised the event since he knows the venues in Sydney and I haven’t got a clue.

We started the evening at Bungalow 8 on Circular Quay.  There was a beautiful afternoon breeze coming off the water and it was just a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

This was the view from our table (that’s Star City casino in the background behind the waterside building):

There was food to soak up the alcohol ahead:

There were bubbles:

More bubbles:

And did I mention bubbles?

This was the view from where the bouncer was standing:

Once the sun started setting, it was time to head to Hugo’s in Kings Cross for cocktails and dancing!  It was dimly lit (as you’d expect) so I don’t have any good photos for you.  You’ll just have to imagine it!

So, after a busy weekend, it was time to head home (and leave my hung over sister to her own devices):

We just had to wait for this plane to land and then we were on our way:

Damn these meagre snacks on afternoon flights!  I knew I should have left later for the complimentary wine!

Actually, it was just right for how I was feeling at the time…  ;)


The Pacific Motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast:

This stretch of concrete road got me my job almost 7.5 years ago (they needed a graduate to work on the project – if they hadn’t gotten the project, my job wouldn’t have existed), so I have a fondness for it!

And then it’s home sweet home!  The Brisbane CBD and Brisbane River:

Sorry, between the sun and the dirty window, it’s not a good picture, but it’s still home!


3 Responses to “there and back again…”

  1. Looks like fun. My DH has been to Australia with the U.S. Marine Corps and he actually met a girl in Brisbane (was it you? LOL, J/K) who hung out with him on base b/c he was on restriction. At any rate, he “swears” nothing happened and it’s all just a distant memory. But he said it’s the one place he’d LOVE to go back to. I certainly see why!!! :)

    Hello from Alabama, USA!!!!

  2. i LOVE your 3rd picture from the end with the wing and the clouds – gorgeous! trip sounded good- glad you got your shoes!

  3. This is making me want to go to Australia! It looks so beautiful! My DH has been there as well, when he was in the US Navy. I am jealous!!!! (-:

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