cruel and unusual punishment…

Okay, I was going to write a post about the first day back at work and just how disinterested and unmotivated I am, but something happened on the way to the bathroom.

I work in a building occupied by a lot of different businesses and the bathrooms are shared.  There was a woman walking ahead of me as I approached the first door leading to the bathrooms, which, in and of itself, is completely unremarkable.  It was when she turned to hold the door for me that I saw it – there, embroidered on her shirt, “Lindt of Switzerland”.

Where’s my chocolate?!?

So, I checked out the building directory on the way back to my office and, lo and behold, Lindt have an office upstairs in the serviced offices!  I know there’s no chocolate up there, but that doesn’t matter!  The Lindt Lindor balls are my absolute, all-time favourite chocolate!  And what’s not to love:

Do I really have to sit here, knowing that potentially important decisions are being made upstairs?

Yes, I’m being silly and melodramatic, but isn’t that an improvement on morose?

Seriously, where is my chocolate?


One Response to “cruel and unusual punishment…”

  1. omg – I love your new discovery!!! They should’ve totally gifted chocolate to EVERYONE in the building during the holidays :)

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