wedding stress…

A belated Happy New Year to all of you!  I’m hoping to see a lot more happiness in 2010 from all of us.  :)

The last couple of days have been consumed by one thing – my sister’s wedding.  Yep, I’m stressed out over a wedding and it’s not even mine!  To be honest, I didn’t go to this much effort for my own wedding…

Most upsetting have been the Facebook messages.  There was one asking me if I still want to be Matron of Honour because, with 6 weeks to the wedding, she’s worried about me fulfilling my duties.  She keeps re-sending me the list of duties!  I haven’t reminded her that, due to the same geographical challenges, she did not do any of the pre-wedding duties (ie invitation preparation, etc) for my wedding even though she was my one and only bridesmaid (technically my sister has two – me and a bridesman).  For my hen’s night, I arranged for 3 of my friends here in Brisbane to help her with the planning (and she now has a lifelong grudge against one of those friends as a consequence, but that’s another story) and I organised the catering, cleaned the house (we had it here) and prepared the invitations.  But back to the here and now, ultimately, regardless of the title, I’ll be doing the same things on the day – helping her get dressed (I’m guessing she won’t want the bridesman doing that), holding her flowers, etc – so wtf does the title matter?  I mean, seriously?  A rose is a rose by any other name.  Or, to put it another way, who gives a shit what I’m called?

And then there’s my dress.  We are picking it up when I fly down for the hen’s night next weekend.  So, being the clueless fashionista that I am, I didn’t think of needing the underwear and shoes to get the fitting done until she “reminded” me yesterday.  Of course, I’ve gained weight with all the IF treatments so the torsolette I wore for my wedding doesn’t fit any more.  Damn!  When it comes to underwear, a strapless dress and a big bust are not a good combination!  So, off we rush today to pick up a new one.  Good thing I know just the shop to go to.  But then there’s the shoes…  I know just the shop for those too, but they’re still closed for Christmas holidays.  They re-open on Monday, which is also the day I go back to work.  And since I fly down on Friday, that means finding a way over there after work, which in turn means making sure I finish work early one day to get to the store which closes at 5pm.  And I did I mention that I need to leave work early on Friday for my flight?  My first week back after holidays and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to work the requisite number of hours.

And while we’re talking about hen’s nights and dresses, I actually bought a dress for the hen’s night!  My sister constantly complains about me not wearing feminine clothes and dressing down, so I bought a cocktail dress (it is a cocktail party, after all).  I haven’t worn a dress since 2001 (excluding my wedding dress), so it took me a while to think through the repercussions of that – 1. I don’t have any shoes that will go with the dress; 2. I don’t have a handbag for evenings since I hardly ever use handbags; 3. I’m going to have to get my legs and underarms waxed; 4. I need to find a cami to wear under the dress because a plunge bra doesn’t plunge far enough.  Have I mentioned I hate shopping for clothes and shoes?  And I’ve been meaning to start getting my legs waxed regularly for a couple of years now, but never get around to finding somewhere and making an appointment.

So, what all this means is that I’m completely stressed out.  And this is on top of the stress and depression I’m still dealing with from our cancelled transfer.  Not to mention my dread of going back to work on Monday and having to face the two people who know what happened.  If I hear one “I’m sorry“, “how are you doing” or “how was your Christmas” from them I may just lose it…  I’m not going to claim that’s a rational response, but it is how I’m feeling right now.


2 Responses to “wedding stress…”

  1. oh man…everything sounds so stressfull….you’ll be able to manage it…GOOD LUCK!

  2. Hey Jen, i’ve just been reading through some of your posts and although there is no doubt you have had rotten luck..or worse (although i refuse to say sorry for fear of causing you to really lose it ;-)) I get a very negative vibe from all that you’ve written (although i haven’t read everything here) maybe if you learn to find the positives (and believe me i know how much harder that is to do than say..) you might find your load a little lighter..and a little lees load and a little less stress can do amazing things for your wellbeing and who knows..??? worth a try fellow ttcer, and you’ll be amazed how much better you can feel..the mind is an incredibly strong tool..don’t underestimate it! imo

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