what’s in a name?

I’ve been resisting the temptation to write a “F U Universe” type post since my last one.  So we’ll try this instead.

I said in my second post that the name Amber Rains had a meaning.  Perhaps now is the time to explain it?

DH and I started talking about names for our children long before we ever started TTC.  In fact it was back in 2003 that we first agreed on a name, and that name was Amber Rose (for a girl, obviously).  So, Amber is the little girl we’ve been seeking for the last 3 years.  The Rains part is for all the tears that have showered down since we started this journey.

Appropriately, it is raining outside as I write this…


6 Responses to “what’s in a name?”

  1. Oh Jen *hugs* I’m sorry about how this year has turned out for you and I really hope 2010 gives you the BFP you so desperately want. (Sonechko from FF)

  2. That is a beautiful name…she’ll get here :)

  3. She will arrive….and what a beautiful name she will enjoy!

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  6. […] spent a lot of time coming up with the name.  I’ve previously explained the reason behind it here.  At the time, I also came up with the idea for a bit of wordplay in the event we were ever lucky […]

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