9 shots down…

It’s hard to think about anything other than IVF#4 right now.

Today was day 8 of stims and our first follicle scan.  In the past I’ve always needed 12 days of stims, so we were expecting the follicles to be around 12 mm today.  Coincidentally, this is the size at which my FS wanted to start the Orgalutran (ganirelix).  Imagine our surprise when there were seven follicles between 16-21 mm!!!  And since we had so much trouble seeing the left ovary, I’m hoping there were actually a few more than the two we saw there!

Oooo, it gives me shivers – imagine actually getting 10 eggs!  It’d be a dream come true!!  But I digress…

So, seven mature follicles.  And as the day went on the anxiety grew – OMG, what if my LH levels had already started to surge?  What if we didn’t make it to ER?

I caved this afternoon and called for this morning’s blood test results.  I was told my E2 was over 4,000 and my LH level was fine.  Phew!  Even so, it was hard waiting to do my Orgalutran shot tonight.  Now that it’s done, hopefully it will work its wonders and hold off O until ER!

I’ve got to say, the Orgalutran shot wasn’t overly fun…  Is it just me or are those needles blunt?  Or was I just unlucky with this one?  I seemed to have to push pretty hard to get it in and then the plunger seemed reluctant to travel down its designated path…

Anyway, in spite of the follicles being (what I think is) mature, my FS still wants to do ER on Monday.  So, I continue the stims and Orgalutran until Friday when we see him next and then hopefully trigger on Saturday.  Oh well, this way I get a 4-day weekend…  And then my transfer (if all goes well) should be just before my office’s Christmas party (lunch and lawn bowls on Saturday 19th).

And for my next trick, I will try to concentrate on my work tomorrow and Thursday…  Yeah, right, as if…


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