Where does it go?

Sorry, I know I’ve been slack.  I’ve been so busy with work and I just wish there were a sign of it letting up anytime soon…  :(

Where to begin?  I know there’s a lot that’s happened because I keep thinking, “I must put this on my blog”, but I’ll be damned if I can remember any of it right now.  *sigh*

Anyway, the new appliances are doing great!  We love them!  We looked at getting a new kitchen to match them, but the estimated price was $25k, which was more than $10k above our ideal budget.  Something for us to do later…  DH still wants to get a quote for someone to renovate our main bathroom (currently hideous 70s colours!) and he’s got a quote for a patio.  Those two items would add more value to the house than a new kitchen would, so I’m happier spending the money there.  Hopefully they’ll end up a bit cheaper too.  Ha ha ha!

I swear, all this work stress has made swiss cheese out of my mind…  I’ll fast forward to current events, since I can actually remember those…

So, IVF#4.  We’re switching to an antagonist protocol this time.  A lot of people find it works well for poor responders, but I’ve also heard of it not working so well.  Hopefully I’ll fall into the first group and we’ll get a good crop of eggs/embies.  I started FSH injections yesterday and we start the Orgalutran to suppress ovulation next week.  We’ve also added some low dose aspirin to the mix just to see if it helps.  But the big news is that we want to try for a blastocyst transfer!  I am just hoping and praying that we will not only get a good quantity of embies, but that they’ll be of sufficient quality to make it through to blastocyst stage!   Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Oh, yes, and in the “life isn’t fair” category, one of my co-workers is expecting their second child in May.  So, not only did this couple start TTC#1 6-8 months after us (and got pg almost immediately and then complained the whole time about how the waiting periods on their private health insurance wouldn’t be finished in time for the birth), now they are expecting #2 in the same month that the pregnancy we lost would have been due.  I found out this afternoon and then lasted about an hour before calling DH and asking when he could pick me up.  At least I only work with the father so I don’t have to see the mother getting bigger as May approaches, but I know I’m going to hear all about it since his office is next to mine.  :(

I’m just tired.  So, so tired…

So, in summary – too much stress, not enough time, too many hormones and not enough sleep.


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