The Oven is here!!

Our oven stopped working very early this year.  We got someone in to fix it and were told we had to order parts, which would arrive in 2 weeks.  One and a half weeks later, the oven manufacturer went into receivership.  Strangely enough, we never got our parts.  The parts were only worth $12, so I’m not overly broken up about that (particularly when people who had paid over $10,000 in advance for an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances weren’t getting either the appliances or a refund!), but the $400 for the service call which only achieved replacing the seal on an oven that didn’t work still makes me a little cranky…

So, since we were in the middle of IVF#2 we just left it alone because the stress of calling the repairman back out and fighting to get parts was just too much on top of IVF.  And then we did IVF#3.  And then I was sick on and off all winter.  And then I just didn’t care and we both agreed we’d rather replace it.  Let someone else have ours for parts!

Here is the offending appliance:

Note:  I refuse to clean it, so it looks pretty disgusting.  But if it’s not going to work, I’ll be damned if I’m going to clean it, and once we decided to replace it I really didn’t see the point!

So, DH & I did some shopping.  To be honest we didn’t look far.  DH had looked a few times without me and I was too busy at work to spend more time on it, so I left it up to him.

And this morning this arrived:

Isn’t it pretty?  ;)

Someone is coming on Friday to install it, so you’ll have to wait for proper pictures then.  But if you’re super keen and impatient you can always check out the Australian LG website!  I can’t wait to use it!!

Also arriving on Friday is a dishwasher!  That one’s more for DH since he does most of the washing up!  ;)  We went with a German-made Bosch for that one and you can see the model we bought here if you can’t wait for Friday’s photos!

Next on the agenda is replacing the blinds in the master bedroom and ensuite!  We just need to find something we can agree on within our budget – DH doesn’t like curtains and I don’t like the vertical blinds we have now…  After that we need to get one of the air-conditioners fixed (it stopped working the day before the repairman came to “fix” the oven, so it’s been a while, but now Summer is fast approaching!).  And then last, but not least, is repairing and selling my car which we haven’t driven for over a year!

Oh, and IVF#4 fits in there somewhere!!

Ah, yes, and DH has just reminded me that he is very keen on us getting the patio built out the back (ouch! – we’re talking $20k there!), but that’s not on my priority list…  Sorry DH!


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