jacaranda time…

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but got busy…

The Jacarandas are in bloom!!

Now, I realise that may not sound like overly spectacular news (although the trees themselves are certainly spectacular), but for anyone who attended UQ, they have a special significance.

I was surprised to stumble upon this when I was searching for a photo (which saved me typing up my own version):

(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:University_of_Queensland/Archive_1#Jacaranda_folklore)

Jacaranda folklore


Jacarandas have long graced the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland.  They bloom towards the end of the academic year which has led to the common comment within the campus that if you haven’t started studying by the time the Jacarandas bloom, you’re in trouble.


From this kernel of truth – you need to get studying before the exam season starts – the Jacaranda has come to represent a malign Cherry blossom in the hearts of University of Queensland students. There are a number of myths and legends popular among students, concerning how the falling blossoms affect academic performance.

  • If the blossoms fall on your car, you will fail your next exam.
  • You will drop a GPA (Grade Point Average, ranked 1-7) for each blossom that falls on you.
  • If a blossoms falls on you on your way to the exam, you will fail the exam.
  • A student once articulated this in poetic prose in a message to his loved ones:

“The amazing thing about Brisbane at the moment are the jacaranda trees. They bloom in mass purple and in such abundance that students associate them directly with exam performance. There is a saying up here that if a jacaranda blossom falls on your head before an exam you will fail. I am staying indoors”

Now, I don’t remember the second one in that list, but we certainly used to joke (or sometimes panic!) about the first and third one in our years at UQ…

ps. Yes, I am writing a post about trees in an attempt to distract myself from the 2ww!  I’ve been obsessing terribly and I’m only halfway through the 2ww!  My head may explode before the end of it!


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