flat out like a lizard drinking…

Sorry for the delay between updates.  It’s been full-on hectic here!

I’ve been kept busy with that project that was due last Friday.  I got my draft report in on time, but they changed the parameters 2 hours before I submitted it, so I now have to submit a revised one this week after I get the new info and analyse it…  I can’t say I’m overly surprised – this client does it to me all the time – but I was hoping that it would be done and dusted at the scheduled time for once.  Especially after I pushed so hard to get my report done in time, in spite of my personal woes.

Unfortunately, now I need to try to revise it amidst preparing the other report that my manager wanted complete before I go on leave and that I said I would have done this Friday.  Great – double the fun this week!!  I was just exhausted after last week.  And then my sister was in town this weekend to do some wedding shopping, so I didn’t get any time to rest.  Which all lead to me taking today off work to regroup for another big (but now short) week…

On the plus side, the wedding shopping went well.  We found shoes to match her dress before lunch and we got a lead on some jewellery for her to wear.  However, we worked out it’s going to be very difficult to find shoes to match my dress (pistachio colour), especially since I’m no good in heels…  But you can’t win them all…  Hopefully the next season’s shoes will have more greens?

Sorry, that’s all for today.  I’ll catch up more later when things settle down a bit and I’m less exhausted.

ps. The cake at the party was ice cream cake, and it was made from cheap (generic brand) ice cream – very disappointing!

pps. I lit a candle for my lost bean on the 15th.  I had it burning next to my laptop while I worked on my report.  And it looks like I O’d on that day too, so maybe we’ll get lucky again in a week and a half?


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