chocolate cake fixes everything, right?

Since our bad news 11 days ago, I’ve allowed myself to indulge a little.  The day after our third beta, DH came home from work with three (yes, three!) blocks of chocolate!  And soft drink!  Now, for the preceding two months I had done really well at limiting my refined sugar intake.  But this was a weak moment, and I indulged.  I indulged quite a bit…

And then I craved cake.  Moist, light, chocolate cake.  Nothing fancy – basic cake, basic icing, but an intense chocolate flavour.  Well, that was what I wanted.  In the end (some days later) we bought a chocolate cheesecake. Actually, half a chocolate cheesecake.  We’re being good, remember?  The last serving is still in the fridge and it’s very much on my mind…

The problem is, I love a light cake with a madiera-like texture.  DH doesn’t.  He really doesn’t.  So we usually get what he wants because I’ll eat what he wants, but he won’t eat what I want…  *sigh*  Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing – he won’t eat my cake, so I should get more, right?  But, no, I get less…

Anyway, tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend for my BFF’s 3yo daughter.  Should be interesting.  Of our friends that will be there, only one knows about our m/c.  And I’ll be driving down with that friend (for an hour) along with her 4mo twin girls and 2yo son.  But that should be a good warm up act for the plethora of children under 4 who will be attending.  I think the adults are starting to get outnumbered?

But, you know what, I think I’ll be fine.  In fact, I’ll definitely be fine if there’s cake!


One Response to “chocolate cake fixes everything, right?”

  1. I hope you have a good time tomorrow & eat LOTS of cake!!!!! (-:

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