almost over…

I’m kind of floating around in a vague haze these days…  I cried last Tuesday when we got the beta results, but aside from a few other (very random) times scattered through the week, not much more.   I’ve been very busy with work (in a distracted sort of way), so maybe that’s why?  Maybe I’m just going to fall apart at the seams when this project is (due to be) finished next week?   But, anyway, floating in a vague haze…

And I haven’t been terribly talkative either, so please forgive me if there are any protracted silences…

But, on the TTC side of life, I’m quite ready to try again.  For a long time I’ve heard tales of women being more fertile after a m/c because their body is already geared up for a pregnancy.  I’m not holding my breath, but I’m okay with trying again as per usual.  I just wish I knew how DH felt about it.  He has been wonderfully supportive and caring for the last week, but he hasn’t said anything about what happened.  It’s got me worried.  I know I’ll be okay and I know it’ll just take some time, but I don’t know about him.  He hasn’t read as much as me; he hasn’t seen (too many of) my (wonderful) FF friends go through this same experience and come out the other side intact.  I did ask him last night – hopefully I’ll get an answer before it’s time for me to O…??

To DH:  Sweetie, if you’re reading this – I’m fine.  I’ll cry, it’ll take time, but I’m fine.  Please take the time to look after yourself too.  I love you!

And now it’s time for bed…

ps. I almost forgot – it’s “almost over” because AF has pretty much left the house.  We’re down to spotting, so it’s almost finished…  I was surprised that AF was only a day longer than normal and not overly heavy either.  But, boy o boy, did it hurt!  The first day was excruciating and after that the cramps (less painful after CD1) lasted pretty much the whole AF instead of the usual 2-3 days.  It was different in other ways too, but I’ll spare you the gory details!


3 Responses to “almost over…”

  1. ((((((hugs))))))))

  2. (((Hugs)))) I am afraid I may be going through the same thing now after IVF #1…Beta 1 was 57, Beta 2 (two days later) was 86…..grrrr. Now I wait til Monday for Beta 3 and the final answer…..this sucks.

    • juniper76 Says:

      Sorry to hear that Karen. Hopefully it’s just a slow starter. I’ve certainly seen examples of numbers even worse than that going on to a successful pregnancy. {{hugs}}

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