One of the ladies on the BB forums posted this today.  Hope was in short supply for me in the months between my third failed IVF and our surprise BFP and, now that my hope has been renewed, I found this particularly touching:

Do you believe in fairies?
In wishes that come true?
Did you think your lucky star
Would shine its light on you?

Have you crossed your fingers?
And triple crossed your toes?
Hoping that the pain will go
That pain that grows and grows

Have you thought that your sorrow
Must surely have an end?
When a baby born so near to you
Is your sister’s, your best friend’s

Did you wonder where in life
You were meant to play your part?
When all that ever happened
Was each month you broke your heart.

Believe in luck and fairies
And stars that shine anew
Have faith, hear what I’m saying
For dreams – they do come true.

Author unknown

Thanks for sharing that Emerald Star…


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