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The Oven is here!!

Posted in Cooking, General, Infertility on 31 October, 2009 by juniper76

Our oven stopped working very early this year.  We got someone in to fix it and were told we had to order parts, which would arrive in 2 weeks.  One and a half weeks later, the oven manufacturer went into receivership.  Strangely enough, we never got our parts.  The parts were only worth $12, so I’m not overly broken up about that (particularly when people who had paid over $10,000 in advance for an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances weren’t getting either the appliances or a refund!), but the $400 for the service call which only achieved replacing the seal on an oven that didn’t work still makes me a little cranky…

So, since we were in the middle of IVF#2 we just left it alone because the stress of calling the repairman back out and fighting to get parts was just too much on top of IVF.  And then we did IVF#3.  And then I was sick on and off all winter.  And then I just didn’t care and we both agreed we’d rather replace it.  Let someone else have ours for parts!

Here is the offending appliance:

Note:  I refuse to clean it, so it looks pretty disgusting.  But if it’s not going to work, I’ll be damned if I’m going to clean it, and once we decided to replace it I really didn’t see the point!

So, DH & I did some shopping.  To be honest we didn’t look far.  DH had looked a few times without me and I was too busy at work to spend more time on it, so I left it up to him.

And this morning this arrived:

Isn’t it pretty?  ;)

Someone is coming on Friday to install it, so you’ll have to wait for proper pictures then.  But if you’re super keen and impatient you can always check out the Australian LG website!  I can’t wait to use it!!

Also arriving on Friday is a dishwasher!  That one’s more for DH since he does most of the washing up!  ;)  We went with a German-made Bosch for that one and you can see the model we bought here if you can’t wait for Friday’s photos!

Next on the agenda is replacing the blinds in the master bedroom and ensuite!  We just need to find something we can agree on within our budget – DH doesn’t like curtains and I don’t like the vertical blinds we have now…  After that we need to get one of the air-conditioners fixed (it stopped working the day before the repairman came to “fix” the oven, so it’s been a while, but now Summer is fast approaching!).  And then last, but not least, is repairing and selling my car which we haven’t driven for over a year!

Oh, and IVF#4 fits in there somewhere!!

Ah, yes, and DH has just reminded me that he is very keen on us getting the patio built out the back (ouch! – we’re talking $20k there!), but that’s not on my priority list…  Sorry DH!


jacaranda time…

Posted in General, Infertility on 22 October, 2009 by juniper76

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but got busy…

The Jacarandas are in bloom!!

Now, I realise that may not sound like overly spectacular news (although the trees themselves are certainly spectacular), but for anyone who attended UQ, they have a special significance.

I was surprised to stumble upon this when I was searching for a photo (which saved me typing up my own version):


Jacaranda folklore


Jacarandas have long graced the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland.  They bloom towards the end of the academic year which has led to the common comment within the campus that if you haven’t started studying by the time the Jacarandas bloom, you’re in trouble.


From this kernel of truth – you need to get studying before the exam season starts – the Jacaranda has come to represent a malign Cherry blossom in the hearts of University of Queensland students. There are a number of myths and legends popular among students, concerning how the falling blossoms affect academic performance.

  • If the blossoms fall on your car, you will fail your next exam.
  • You will drop a GPA (Grade Point Average, ranked 1-7) for each blossom that falls on you.
  • If a blossoms falls on you on your way to the exam, you will fail the exam.
  • A student once articulated this in poetic prose in a message to his loved ones:

“The amazing thing about Brisbane at the moment are the jacaranda trees. They bloom in mass purple and in such abundance that students associate them directly with exam performance. There is a saying up here that if a jacaranda blossom falls on your head before an exam you will fail. I am staying indoors”

Now, I don’t remember the second one in that list, but we certainly used to joke (or sometimes panic!) about the first and third one in our years at UQ…

ps. Yes, I am writing a post about trees in an attempt to distract myself from the 2ww!  I’ve been obsessing terribly and I’m only halfway through the 2ww!  My head may explode before the end of it!

flat out like a lizard drinking…

Posted in General, Infertility on 19 October, 2009 by juniper76

Sorry for the delay between updates.  It’s been full-on hectic here!

I’ve been kept busy with that project that was due last Friday.  I got my draft report in on time, but they changed the parameters 2 hours before I submitted it, so I now have to submit a revised one this week after I get the new info and analyse it…  I can’t say I’m overly surprised – this client does it to me all the time – but I was hoping that it would be done and dusted at the scheduled time for once.  Especially after I pushed so hard to get my report done in time, in spite of my personal woes.

Unfortunately, now I need to try to revise it amidst preparing the other report that my manager wanted complete before I go on leave and that I said I would have done this Friday.  Great – double the fun this week!!  I was just exhausted after last week.  And then my sister was in town this weekend to do some wedding shopping, so I didn’t get any time to rest.  Which all lead to me taking today off work to regroup for another big (but now short) week…

On the plus side, the wedding shopping went well.  We found shoes to match her dress before lunch and we got a lead on some jewellery for her to wear.  However, we worked out it’s going to be very difficult to find shoes to match my dress (pistachio colour), especially since I’m no good in heels…  But you can’t win them all…  Hopefully the next season’s shoes will have more greens?

Sorry, that’s all for today.  I’ll catch up more later when things settle down a bit and I’m less exhausted.

ps. The cake at the party was ice cream cake, and it was made from cheap (generic brand) ice cream – very disappointing!

pps. I lit a candle for my lost bean on the 15th.  I had it burning next to my laptop while I worked on my report.  And it looks like I O’d on that day too, so maybe we’ll get lucky again in a week and a half?

chocolate cake fixes everything, right?

Posted in General, Infertility on 9 October, 2009 by juniper76

Since our bad news 11 days ago, I’ve allowed myself to indulge a little.  The day after our third beta, DH came home from work with three (yes, three!) blocks of chocolate!  And soft drink!  Now, for the preceding two months I had done really well at limiting my refined sugar intake.  But this was a weak moment, and I indulged.  I indulged quite a bit…

And then I craved cake.  Moist, light, chocolate cake.  Nothing fancy – basic cake, basic icing, but an intense chocolate flavour.  Well, that was what I wanted.  In the end (some days later) we bought a chocolate cheesecake. Actually, half a chocolate cheesecake.  We’re being good, remember?  The last serving is still in the fridge and it’s very much on my mind…

The problem is, I love a light cake with a madiera-like texture.  DH doesn’t.  He really doesn’t.  So we usually get what he wants because I’ll eat what he wants, but he won’t eat what I want…  *sigh*  Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing – he won’t eat my cake, so I should get more, right?  But, no, I get less…

Anyway, tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend for my BFF’s 3yo daughter.  Should be interesting.  Of our friends that will be there, only one knows about our m/c.  And I’ll be driving down with that friend (for an hour) along with her 4mo twin girls and 2yo son.  But that should be a good warm up act for the plethora of children under 4 who will be attending.  I think the adults are starting to get outnumbered?

But, you know what, I think I’ll be fine.  In fact, I’ll definitely be fine if there’s cake!

almost over…

Posted in Infertility on 6 October, 2009 by juniper76

I’m kind of floating around in a vague haze these days…  I cried last Tuesday when we got the beta results, but aside from a few other (very random) times scattered through the week, not much more.   I’ve been very busy with work (in a distracted sort of way), so maybe that’s why?  Maybe I’m just going to fall apart at the seams when this project is (due to be) finished next week?   But, anyway, floating in a vague haze…

And I haven’t been terribly talkative either, so please forgive me if there are any protracted silences…

But, on the TTC side of life, I’m quite ready to try again.  For a long time I’ve heard tales of women being more fertile after a m/c because their body is already geared up for a pregnancy.  I’m not holding my breath, but I’m okay with trying again as per usual.  I just wish I knew how DH felt about it.  He has been wonderfully supportive and caring for the last week, but he hasn’t said anything about what happened.  It’s got me worried.  I know I’ll be okay and I know it’ll just take some time, but I don’t know about him.  He hasn’t read as much as me; he hasn’t seen (too many of) my (wonderful) FF friends go through this same experience and come out the other side intact.  I did ask him last night – hopefully I’ll get an answer before it’s time for me to O…??

To DH:  Sweetie, if you’re reading this – I’m fine.  I’ll cry, it’ll take time, but I’m fine.  Please take the time to look after yourself too.  I love you!

And now it’s time for bed…

ps. I almost forgot – it’s “almost over” because AF has pretty much left the house.  We’re down to spotting, so it’s almost finished…  I was surprised that AF was only a day longer than normal and not overly heavy either.  But, boy o boy, did it hurt!  The first day was excruciating and after that the cramps (less painful after CD1) lasted pretty much the whole AF instead of the usual 2-3 days.  It was different in other ways too, but I’ll spare you the gory details!


Posted in Infertility on 1 October, 2009 by juniper76

One of the ladies on the BB forums posted this today.  Hope was in short supply for me in the months between my third failed IVF and our surprise BFP and, now that my hope has been renewed, I found this particularly touching:

Do you believe in fairies?
In wishes that come true?
Did you think your lucky star
Would shine its light on you?

Have you crossed your fingers?
And triple crossed your toes?
Hoping that the pain will go
That pain that grows and grows

Have you thought that your sorrow
Must surely have an end?
When a baby born so near to you
Is your sister’s, your best friend’s

Did you wonder where in life
You were meant to play your part?
When all that ever happened
Was each month you broke your heart.

Believe in luck and fairies
And stars that shine anew
Have faith, hear what I’m saying
For dreams – they do come true.

Author unknown

Thanks for sharing that Emerald Star…