progression of hpts…

Yesterday I was asked to post photos of more recent HPTs, so here is the progression of HPTs, including this morning’s result.

Please note that the DPO count on the tests is based on a O date of 5/09/09.  I have since revised my O date to 6/09/09, purely because I could have O’d on either day and the later date makes me feel a smidgeon less stressed about my beta results!  So, for the later O date, subract 1 from all the DPO counts…

For the really keen, you can click on the picture to take you to a full-size version of the image.  :)


4 Responses to “progression of hpts…”

  1. Baby Dreamtime Says:

    Just popping in from BB to wish you luck, don’t give up, as long as your numbers are rising you have a great chance, will be looking out for you and wishing you all the best xx

  2. Just got caught up on the whole beta thing. Sorry you are having such trouble, but like BD said, they are rising, so that’s a good sign. Are you taking progesterone? Good luck, and keeps us posted.

  3. Wendy from FF Says:

    Hey girl! It’s wendell80 from Fertilty Friend. I was in the “Baby Bound” group and had my daughter in April. I have yet to resubscribe to FF, so I’ve been off the boards in a long time, but I’ve been following your blog and just wanted to stop in and say CONGRATS!!! I wish you, your hubby and your little bean much luck in your pregnancy! Here’s to a happy, healthy 9 months! Can’t wait to keep reading about your progress! Take care!

  4. Hey Jen, I can see positive on all of those… As we all said the other day -your not out till the fat lady comes to stay and by those tests I think shes on holidays for a while….. Good luck for tomorrow and hope you get a better beta rise. Will be thinkin of you.
    Keep us updated.
    Take care. Heidi

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