negativity on a stick…

So, I had acupuncture at lunchtime.  I was actually running late and she called me when I was still on my way.  In a way that was sweet that she was worried about me.  But at the same time I know what she was worried about was that I had lost the baby and was too upset to attend my appointment or call to cancel.  When I finally got there she said she was just being a mother hen…

Anyway, I managed to present my slow-rising hcg levels in such a way that she agreed with me that we should not give up on this little bean, that a successful pregnancy was still possible!!  I couldn’t believe I’d managed to get her to agree and had successfully avoided the expected negativity!!  So, in go the needles (including one in each big toe that really seriously stung when they went in) and time to relax.  Ahhhh…

Then, afterwards, just before I was leaving, negtivity struck:

She said, “I’m not suggesting it’s the case here, but you should be aware that slow rising hcg levels can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.”

Aw, shit!


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