“coffee” and a chat…

For some reason, even when none of the people actually order a coffee, I automatically describe meeting friends at a cafe as “coffee”.  It’s even stranger when you consider the fact that I can’t stand coffee – have always hated the stuff!  And yet, I make plans for “coffee”…

So, “coffee”…  I spent the most delightful afternoon with some wonderful ladies I met on FF!  Ladies, I had a wonderful afternoon and it was exactly what I needed to keep my mind off slow-rising betas and my acupuncturist’s parting comment!  Can you believe four hours went by so quickly!!  Can you believe that almost half of our bill was for bottled water!!  Between the four of us we drank a whopping 9 bottles of water – that’s 5.4 litres!  It was a very hot Spring day today!

But at least the 2nd dust storm for the week didn’t hit until the end of the afternoon.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I found it kind of eerie driving home.  It wasn’t anywhere near as thick as Wednesday’s, but you could see the dust in the air!  Man, I can smell it through the whole house and it’s not good!  Unfortunately DH had the windows open and was too engrossed in the football (AFL) grand final to notice the dust…  :(

For the record, dust storms are not common here!  I’ve lived in Brisbane my entire life and I don’t actually remember the last one (I’m told there was one at some time during the 80s).  These ones have passed across most of the Eastern coast of Australia.  I’ll post some photos from Wednesday’s dust storm if I get around to it, but in the meantime you can search for Sydney dust storm on YouTube.


2 Responses to ““coffee” and a chat…”

  1. think it should of been named water and chat!!! lol…
    but then again I did have coffee.. lol…
    Had a fantastic time, still cant believe Di and how big she is with still 10 weeks to go.
    Thinkin of you tomorrow

  2. It was a fantastic afternoon – and just wonderful to see you girls again! I so wished I lived in Brisbane, (sometimes)!!! Well, if you think I was big then, I have popped yet again!!! How much bigger am I going to get? DH very kindly bought me a hammock… which is currently set up in the lounge room as it has been non stop rain since we got home…. but the weightlessness is pure bliss!!!
    I guess next time we meet up, I will have two littlies for you to meet!
    Thinking of you, always

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