Second beta:

HCG:  105
P4:  26.6

Once again the nurse is telling me that’s okay, but that’s only a doubling time of 92 hours.  She said they just want to see it triple in a week…

Back for #3 on Tuesday…


3 Responses to “^$*(@)^%$)*@%^&@($*)…”

  1. I am hoping & praying for you!!!!

  2. How do you feel? The main thing is that it’s increasing. Do you have another acu session before Tues? I believe they can really help.

    • I have my weekly acu appointment on Saturday. I’m already dreading it because when I spoke to her the other day about the first results, she said, “that’s low”, and then said, “lets hope it quadruples by Friday” (I’m paraphrasing the 2nd part, but the first part was verbatim). She’s going to drown me in negativity tomorrow if I don’t work out how to cut her off before she starts!

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