Ok, so after this morning’s faint, faint +HPT I went to acupuncture at noon.  My acu described the result as “encouraging”, which I think is a perfect way to describe it – it might be good, or it may come to nothing…  She said to test again tomorrow and Monday and call her if we confirm a BFP.

Then, this afternoon, DH & I were at our friends’ house (the ones with the twins) and I had some spotting.  *groan*  It was just once when I went to the toilet and quite light (and brown), but still spotting.  So, I’m thinking I’ll skip tomorrow’s re-test and just wait the extra day.  If no AF (and no temp drop) by Monday, I’ll test again…  And if by some miracle it gives me a nice dark line (and a +ve digi would be good too), then I’ll call the FS’s office to arrange a beta.

In the meantime, this is going to continue to drive me nuts!


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