I’ve been daydreaming lately…  Daydreaming about travelling…  I’ve got itchy feet and an urge to see new sights…  Pity about the $ restrictions…

Anyway, amidst my travel daydreaming haze, I re-read that travel quote DH had received.  Turns out I read it too quickly the first time – the flights weren’t to NZ, they were via NZ… to the Cook Islands!  Mmmm, sun, water, warmth – the tropical climate I’m so accustomed to!  Well, I’m more used to sub-tropical, but anything to escape this (really-not-that-cold-by-world-standards) winter!

At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been daydreaming about snow.  I blame television for that – I’ve been watching too much Canadian television lately (is there such a thing as too much?) and now I see snow whenever I close my eyes.  But, seriously… if I’m feeling cold now with temperatures in the range of 5-25°C, why the heck do I want to go to snow?!?  I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve only been in snow three times in my life (when I was 12, 15 and 30), but just thinking about it makes me grin!  I think it’s important to remember something though – where there’s snow, they have two things we don’t have here in Brisbane: 1. central heating; and 2. appropriate winter attire!  (FYI, the only difference between my summer and winter wardrobe is whether or not I wear a cardigan.  Same jeans, same t-shirts, same shoes, same everything – just a question of “to cardigan” or “not to cardigan”?)

Ah, snow, sun, beaches, cocktails (can I have cocktails in the snow?  this may be a deciding factor!),… New Zealand, Tasmania, Cairns, Cook Islands, Canada, Scotland (oh, how I love thee, Scotland!), Cape York (to go or not to go in June 2010?  can I stand 4 weeks with my parents and without my DH in the name of adventure?), the Indian-Pacific (train from Sydney to Perth or vice-versa across the middle of Australia), or just a good old-fashioned road trip (love a good road trip!!)…  What do I want?  I want them all!  And in my daydreams, I can have them all…  ‘Night!


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